HexChat ChangeLog

2.16.1 (2022-02-12)

  • add -NOOVERRIDE flag to the GUI COLOR command
  • add -q (quiet) flag to EXECWRITE command
  • rename installed icon on Linux to match app-id (Fixes notification icon)
  • fix escaping already escaped URLs when opening them
  • fix Python scripts not being opened as UTF-8
  • fix TIMER command supporting decimals regardless of locale
  • fishlim: fix building with OpenSSL 3

2.16.0 (2021-10-01)

  • add support for IRCv3 SETNAME, invite-notify, account-tag, standard replies, and UTF8ONLY
  • add support for strikethrough formatting
  • update network list (including Libera.Chat as the default)
  • update OpenSSL on Windows
  • fix text clipping issues by respecting font line height
  • fix URLs not being escaped when opened
  • fix misc IRC message parsing issues
  • remove libnotify dependency on Linux, fixing hangs when notifications are shown
  • remove libproxy dependency on Linux
  • print ChanServ notices in the front tab by default
  • fishlim: add support for CBC mode
  • python: rewrite plugin in python with CFFI This lowers memory usage and fixed conflicts with many C Python modules including pygobject

2.14.3 (2019-12-20)

  • fix various incorrect parsing of IRC messages relating to trailing parameters
  • fix SASL negotiation combined with multi-line cap
  • fix input box theming with Yaru theme
  • python: Work around Python 3.7 regression causing crash on unload
  • sysinfo: Add support for /etc/os-release
  • sysinfo: Ignore irrelevant mounts when calculating storage size

2.14.2 (2018-08-29)

  • remove shift+click binding to close tabs
  • re-add option to build against legacy perl
  • add appstream metainfo for plugins
  • add build option to set perl binary
  • add option to build without appstream
  • fix not unminimizing when restoring from tray
  • fix translations containing invalid text events
  • fix server passwords starting with :
  • update libraries on windows, fixing CVE-2018-15120 (and emoji!)

2.14.1 (2018-03-13)

  • fix performance regression on Unix
  • fix building plugins with some compilers
  • add missing gtk pixbuf theme engine in Windows installer

2.14.0 (2018-03-10)

  • rewrite build system in Meson
  • replace intltool build depenency with gettext >= 0.19.6
  • rename data files to use io.github.Hexchat name
  • add option (irc_reconnect_rejoin) to disable auto-rejoin on reconnect
  • add ability to set custom tray icon separate of app icon
  • fix building against OpenSSL 1.1.0
  • fix Enchant 2.0+ support
  • fix input box theming with Adwaita-dark
  • fix custom sounds not respecting omit if away option
  • fix detecting if a tray doesn’t exist on x11
  • fix cutting off ctcp text after ending \01
  • fix /ignore not accepting full hosts
  • fix characters getting cut off when their width changes (on Unix)
  • fix various possible crashes
  • change preference window to be scroll-able
  • remove ctrl+w binding by default
  • remove mpcinfo plugin
  • doat: fix channels with / in them
  • fishlim: fix key exchange
  • fishlim: fix building against LibreSSL
  • sysinfo: fix pci.ids file not being found on some distros
  • sysinfo: make libpci optional
  • lua: avoid loading the same script multiple times
  • update translations
  • update libraries on Windows, including Python to 3.6

2.12.4 (2016-12-10)

  • fix issue with timers causing ping timeouts
  • fix building against OpenSSL 1.1
  • fix /exec output printing invalid utf8
  • replace doat plugin with an internal command
  • change how tab colors interact with plugins

2.12.3 (2016-10-22)

  • fix crash with bad translations
  • fix crash and leaks in mpcinfo plugin
  • add mhop command
  • change ping timeout to 60 by default
  • update translations

2.12.2 (2016-10-08)

  • fix input box theme with Adwaita 3.20
  • fix return value of hexchat_pluginpref_get_int()
  • fix tab color changing when print events are eaten
  • fix network name not being sanitized for scrollback files
  • fix building sysinfo on OS X <= 10.9
  • fix resume with DCC GET
  • fix possible assertion when decoding incoming text
  • fix possible crashes when plugins modify the UI during context close
  • add “chanmodes” to channel list in plugin api
  • lua:
    • add automatic return and = handling in console
    • fix pluginpref usage
  • fishlim:
    • fix saving nicks containing [ or ]
    • add commands: /topic+, /msg+, and /notice+
    • add support for /me
    • add /keyx command to do DH1080 key exchanges
  • improve efficiency of various timers
  • reduce updates of user count in titlebar/userlist
  • download extra redist for perl on Windows
  • update appdata file
  • update translations
  • update dependencies on Windows

2.12.1-2 (2016-05-06)

  • fix crash in dependencies on Windows (no HexChat changes)

2.12.1 (2016-05-01)

  • add lua plugin
  • change desktop file to open urls in existing instance on Unix
  • misc chanopt fixes
    • fix not being saved properly
    • fix values other than 0/1/2 being set
    • fix flags in plugin API
  • misc identd fixes
    • fix ipv6 support on Windows
    • fix respecting USE_GLOBAL network flag
    • fix connections not always closed
    • add responses for INVALID-PORT and NO-USER
  • misc challengeauth fixes
    • fix lower casing username
    • don’t respond to challenge notices when disabled
  • re-add support for old versions of libnotify
  • bundle luajit and lgi on Windows
  • update network list

2.12.0 (2016-03-12)

  • add support for native Windows 8+ spell check
  • add support for native Windows 8.1+ and OSX notifications
  • add support for IRCv3.2
    • add cap 3.2
    • add sasl 3.2
    • add chghost
    • add cap-notify
  • add support for twitch.tv/membership cap
  • add support for SNI (Server Name Indication)
  • add ability to do DnD reordering in some settings dialogs
  • add option to disable middle-click closing tabs
  • rewrite sysinfo plugin
    • add support for OSX
    • add multi-gpu info on win32
    • add hdd info on win32
    • add ability to print single peice of info
    • change formatting, unified across platforms
    • fix handling unsupported CPU arch on unix
  • rewrite identd plugin
    • add support for unix
    • add ability to change port
    • fix handling multiple connections
    • fix threading issues
  • rewrite update plugin
  • rewrite checksum plugin
    • fix support for very large files
    • remove openssl dependency
  • remove DH-{AES,BLOWFISH} mechanisms (insecure)
  • remove “IRC” encoding, replaced with UTF-8
  • remove “System Default” encoding, replaced with UTF-8
  • remove configure option to disable ipv6
  • remove msproxy and socks5 library support (unused)
  • change tab-complete to favor other user nicks over own
  • change url detection to support unicode
  • change decoding to not attempt ISO-8859-1 fixing corruption
  • change pluginpref to escape values
  • change installer on Windows to not overwrite gtkrc file
  • minor changes to icons
  • fix numerous crashes (but not #600)
    • fix crash on printing very long lines
    • fix crash on failing to open log file
    • fix crash when using unsorted userlist
    • fix crash when timestamp format set to nothing
    • fix crash when tab-completeing long strings
    • fix crash with long values in pluginpref API
    • fix various other unsafe string handling throughout
  • fix poor performance with nick indent enabled
  • fix UTF-8 text in winamp plugin
  • fix fishlim plugin handling networks with server-time
  • fix logging hostname of users in new queries
  • fix Key Press event sending non-UTF-8 text to plugins
  • fix VERSION response on windows 10
  • fix get_info(‘win_ptr’) from python
  • fix running portable-mode from another directory
  • fix duplicate timestamps on selection
  • fix –cfgdir argument
  • fix mode-button text being cut off
  • fix scrollback timestamps with server-time
  • fix url handler accepting quoted paths with spaces
  • fix using correct encoding when jumping networks
  • improve DCC handling large files
  • improve python detection in configure
  • improve scrollback file handling (corruption, line endings)
  • improve building in cygwin
  • improve build options on unix to be more secure
  • update to VS 2015 on windows
  • update deps on windows (openssl, python 3.5, etc)
  • update translations
  • update network list

2.10.2 (2014-11-25)

  • verify hostnames of certificates
  • use more secure openssl options (No SSLv2/3)
  • detect utf8 urls in chat
  • fix using multiple client certs at the same time
  • fix checking for Perl on some distros
  • fix friends list not properly updating
  • fix building with format-security
  • fix more non-ascii path issues on Windows
  • fix opening utf8 urls on Windows and OSX
  • update deps on Windows
  • update translations

2.10.1 (2014-07-28)

  • add configure check for python 3.4
  • improve spell check handling apostrophes
  • disable unsupported tray feature on Elementary OS
  • disable installing on Vista (would just crash on x64)
  • fix possible crash in banlist
  • fix some crashes in pluginpref API
  • fix crash in spell check
  • fix notify list being sent to wrong networks
  • fix scrolling the chanview on Unix
  • fix building plugin support on some platforms (OS X 10.8)
  • fix FiSHLiM decryption when identify-msg is enabled
  • fix expanding ~user on Unix
  • fix missing license files on Windows
  • fix silent installer on Windows
  • update translations
  • update network list
  • update Python versions on Windows

2.10.0 (2014-06-01)

  • fix SASL on InspIRCd networks
  • fix building on OpenBSD
  • fix crash when using invalid timestamps on Windows
  • fix Lag Meter reporting invalid numbers
  • fix drag and drop on User List/Channel Switcher
  • fix various Unicode issues on Windows
  • add fullscreen display mode
  • add /getbool command
  • add support for userhost-in-names capability
  • add –command command line flag on Windows
  • add message parameter to /query
  • add help messages to user commands
  • add plugin_pref to Perl
  • add regex search to the Channel List on Windows
  • add option to hide nick change messages
  • redesign various settings windows (notably key bindings)
  • render colors and attributes in the Input Box and Topic Bar
  • bind middle-click to close tabs
  • build the GTK+ PixBuf theme engine on Windows
  • change /list to open the Channel List window
  • change the format key bindings are stored in (will convert automatically)
  • enable italics
  • rewrite /dns adding support for Windows and replacing the plugin
  • rebrand the Perl plugin
  • replace the Search window with a Search Bar
  • replace Text Box transparency with full window transparency (may come back)
  • remove all deprecated GTK+ usage
  • remove all direct use of X11, fixing XWayland support
  • hide unsupported channel modes from the Topic Bar
  • improve spell check (handle contractions)
  • improve rendering and selection in the Text Box
  • improve OS X integration (custom theme, app menu, dock icon, spell check, app bundle, key bindings)
  • improve the Windows installer (downloads requirements when ran)
  • update Visual Studio to 2013
  • update Perl to 5.20 on Windows
  • update Python to 3.4 on Windows
  • update OpenSSL on Windows to fix “Heartbleed”
  • update translations (2013-09-15)

  • fix some utilities causing crash #740

2.9.6 (2013-09-11)

  • redesign edit window in network list
  • rename favorites to autojoin
  • improve URL detection yet again (this time with more IPv6!)
  • implement /exec -o on Windows
  • improvements to the DCC window
  • improvements to sysinfo on Unix, including -e to print info instead of saying
  • add support for BLOWFISH, AES, and EXTERNAL SASL mechanisms
  • add reload command and button in plugingui
  • add support for server-time and znc.in/server-time[-iso] capabilities
  • add attributes to hook_print/server and emit_print for information such as server-time
  • add support for QuakeNet’s challangeauth
  • add chanopt for stripping colors
  • add copy option to banlist entries
  • add autoconnect option to context menu of networks
  • add option for omitting alerts while window is focused
  • add python3 support along with various bugfixes
  • add libcanberra support on Unix
  • add tracking of users accounts
  • add %u to userlist popups for accounts
  • add channelkey to channel lists in plugin api
  • add MONITOR support for the friends list
  • add QUIET and UNQUIET commands
  • add support for the away-notify, account-notify, and extended-join capabilities
  • add notifications for friends away status (requires away-notify)
  • add events for quiet, unquiet, and quietlist
  • add Ctrl+N (New Server Window) keybinding
  • add Ctrl+Home/End keybinding for scrolling to top/bottom
  • add theme manager to Unix build system
  • fix compilation on FreeBSD
  • fix running as root
  • fix splitting ctcps and notices
  • fix alerts and scrollback chanopts
  • fix crash when attaching/detaching tabs
  • fix sending limited channel messages (op messages) to the wrong tab
  • change /load -e to load from config dir
  • remove Ctrl+L (Clear Text) keybinding
  • remove custom sound applications
  • remove away announce, replaced by away-notify on supported servers (alternative python script)
  • update network list

2.9.5 (2013-04-01)

  • fix Checksum plugin with DCC download directory set
  • fix false positives with Update Checker
  • fix sound directory option on Unix
  • fix loading custom icons
  • fix tray icon not reappearing if the tray crashes
  • fix restoring maximized windows from tray
  • fix /QUERY -nofocus
  • fix reconnecting to channels with keys
  • fix compilation on FreeBSD
  • fix showing the join dialog when autojoining channels
  • fix Plugin-Tray menu not closing on Windows
  • fix close dialog minimizing to tray before selection
  • fix Python plugin compilation on Ubuntu 13.04
  • fix Theme Manager crashing with read-only files
  • fix channel tree indentation without server tab or with icons
  • add auto-away support to Plugin-Tray
  • add Plugin-Tray option to disable blinking
  • add option to always show notices on current tab
  • add support for notification filtering in GNOME 3.8
  • add support for channel keys in URLs
  • add option to color nicks in the user list the same way as in the chat area
  • add ability to automatically switch to last activity on change-page hotkey
  • add ability to save divider position between combined user list and channel tree
  • add global real name option to Preferences
  • add Safe Mode shortcut to the Start Menu group on Windows
  • add helpful links to the setup wizard on Windows
  • make the source tree compliant with Debian policies
  • install SVG icon on Unix
  • enable Plugin-Tray menu on Windows
  • enable IPv6 by default on Unix
  • show /WHOIS response on current tab by default
  • redesign the Ban List window to show invites, bans, exemptions and quiets
  • make user list icons slightly smaller
  • close all utility windows with the Esc key
  • improve URL and username detection in the chat area
  • make /JOIN focus the existing channel if already joined
  • change default DCC download directory to ~/Downloads on Unix
  • allow Plugins and Scripts utility to be opened in a tab
  • only beep when the HexChat window is not active
  • use the certs subfolder of the config folder for loading custom certificates
  • disable tray icon when using Unity
  • remove Lua and Tcl
  • remove HexTray in favor of built-in Plugin-Tray
  • remove installer theming on Windows
  • cease support for Perl 5.12 and 5.14 on Windows
  • rebuild every dependency with Visual C++ on Windows
  • stop using the WDK on Windows and depend on the Visual C++ Redistributable
  • update GTK+ to 2.24 on Windows
  • update default text events
  • update translations
  • update the network list

2.9.4 (2012-11-11)

  • fix alerts when omit alerts in away option is set
  • fix dialog icon in userlist popup
  • fix opening links on Mac
  • fix default network in the Network List
  • fix initial folder in file dialogs
  • fix positioning the nick change dialog
  • fix error message for busy servers
  • fix filename encoding errors
  • fix Fedora spec file
  • fix Raw Log content being impossible to copy when auto-copy is disabled
  • fix rough icon rendering in most windows on Windows
  • fix config folder when specified with -d argument
  • add built-in support for SASL authentication via CAP
  • add support for identify-msg/multi-prefix server capabilities
  • add text events for CAP related messages
  • add support for the SysInfo plugin on Unix
  • add option to change update check frequency and delay for first check
  • add option to change GUI language on Windows
  • add Ignore entry to userlist popup
  • add Afrikaans, Asturian, Danish, Gujarati, Indonesian, Kinyarwanda and Malayalam translations
  • add ChangeLog and ReadMe links to Start Menu during installation on Windows
  • add manual page on Unix
  • add icon support for 3 levels above op user mode
  • change default colors, text events and user list/channel tree icons
  • make Esc key close the Raw Log window
  • use Consolas as the default font where available
  • open dialog window for double-clicking in the user list by default
  • variable separation, cleanup and renaming
  • check in the installers whether Windows release is supported by HexChat
  • display previous value after /SET
  • reorganize the Settings menu and add new options
  • redesign the About dialog
  • show certain help messages in GTK+ dialogs instead of command line
  • disable faulty one instance option
  • build system cosmetics on Unix
  • reorganize repo file structure
  • rebranding
  • update translations
  • update the network list

2.9.3 (2012-10-14)

  • fix various URL detection bugs
  • fix default folders for file transfers in portable mode
  • fix Autotools warnings with recent releases
  • add /ADDSERVER command
  • add option to save URLs to disk on-the-fly
  • add option to omit alerts when marked as being away
  • add default icons for channel tree and option to turn them off
  • change certain default colors
  • enhance Non-BMP filtering performance
  • accept license agreement by default on Windows
  • update the network list

2.9.2 (2012-10-05)

  • fix compilation on Red Hat and Fedora
  • fix portable to non-portable migrations on Windows
  • fix ban message in HexTray
  • fix icon in Connection Complete dialog
  • fix determining if the log folder path is full or relative
  • fix desktop notification icons on Unix
  • fix URL grabber saving an unlimited number of URLs by default
  • fix URL grabber memory leaks under certain circumstances
  • fix URL grabber trying to export URL lists to system folders by default
  • fix opening URLs without http(s)://
  • add support for regenerating text events during compilation on Windows
  • add support for the theme manager on Unix
  • add Unifont to the default list of alternative fonts
  • add option to retain colors in the topic
  • allow the installer to preserve custom GTK+ theme settings on Windows
  • use the icons subfolder of the config folder for loading custom icons
  • use port 6697 for SSL connections by default
  • install the SASL plugin by default on Windows
  • /lastlog improvements
  • build system cosmetics on Unix
  • open links with just left click by default
  • enable timestamps and include seconds by default
  • make libproxy an optional dependency on Unix
  • update German translation
  • update the network list

2.9.1 (2012-07-27)

  • fix installing/loading plugins on Unix
  • fix restoring the HexChat window via shortcuts on Windows
  • fix HexTray icon rendering for certain events
  • fix the Show marker line option in Preferences
  • fix /lastlog regexp support on Windows
  • add support for the Checksum, Do At, FiSHLiM and SASL plugins on Unix
  • add option to retain colors when displaying scrollback
  • add MS Gothic to the default list of alternative fonts
  • rebranding and cleanup
  • eliminate lots of compiler warnings
  • Unix build system fixes and cosmetics
  • make Git ignore Unix-specific intermediate files
  • use better compression for Windows installers
  • switch to GTK+ file dialogs on Windows
  • restructure the Preferences window
  • use the addons subfolder of the config folder for auto-loading plugins/scripts
  • improve the dialog used for opening plugins/scripts
  • remember user limits in channel list between sessions
  • remember last search pattern during sessions
  • update XChat to r1521

2.9.0 (2012-07-14)

  • rebranding
  • migrate code to GitHub
  • update XChat to r1515
  • fix x64 Perl interface installation for Perl 5.16
  • improve URL detection with new TLDs and file extensions

1508-3 (2012-06-17)

  • add XChat Theme Manager
  • fix problems with Turkish locale

1508-2 (2012-06-15)

  • add support for Perl 5.16
  • update Do At plugin
  • fix drawing of chat area bottom
  • avoid false hits when restoring from tray via shortcut
  • migrate from NMAKE to Visual Studio

1508 (2012-06-02)

  • remove Real Name from Network List
  • search window improvements
  • restore XChat-WDK from tray via shortcut if X-Tray is used

1507 (2012-05-13)

  • update OpenSSL to 1.0.1c
  • FiSHLiM updates

1506 (2012-05-04)

  • update OpenSSL to 1.0.1b
  • update German translation

1503 (2012-03-16)

  • update OpenSSL to 1.0.1
  • URL grabber updates
  • FiSHLiM updates

1500 (2012-02-16)

  • add option for specifying alternative fonts
  • fix crash due to invalid timestamp format
  • X-Tray cosmetics

1499-7 (2012-02-08)

  • fix update notifications
  • fix compilation on Linux
  • add IPv6 support to built-in identd

1499-6 (2012-01-20)

  • add DNS plugin

1499-5 (2012-01-20)

  • built-in fix for client crashes
  • update OpenSSL to 1.0.0g

1499-4 (2012-01-18)

  • add Non-BMP plugin to avoid client crashes

1499-3 (2012-01-15)

  • rework and extend plugin config API
  • add ADD/DEL/LIST support to X-SASL

1499-2 (2012-01-11)

  • add X-SASL plugin

1499 (2012-01-09)

  • fix saving FiSHLiM keys
  • update OpenSSL to 1.0.0f

1498-4 (2011-12-05)

  • fix updates not overwriting old files
  • display WinSys output in one line for others
  • use Strawberry Perl for building

1498-3 (2011-12-02)

  • add plugin config API
  • add Exec plugin
  • add WinSys plugin
  • perform periodic update checks automatically

1498-2 (2011-11-25)

  • add FiSHLiM plugin
  • add option to allow only one instance of XChat to run

1498 (2011-11-23)

  • separate x86 and x64 installers (uninstall any previous version!)
  • downgrade GTK+ to 2.16
  • re-enable the transparent background option
  • various X-Tray improvements
  • add WMPA plugin
  • add Do At plugin
  • automatically save set variables to disk by default
  • update OpenSSL to 1.0.0e

1496-6 (2011-08-09)

  • add option to auto-open new tab upon /MSG
  • fix the update checker to use the git repo
  • disable update checker cache

1496-5 (2011-08-07)

  • fix attach/detach keyboard shortcut
  • add multi-language support to the spell checker

1496-4 (2011-07-27)

  • recognize Windows 8 when displaying OS info
  • update OpenSSL certificate list
  • fix X-Tray blinking on unselected events
  • fix X-Tray keyboard shortcut handling
  • cease support for Perl 5.10
  • use Strawberry Perl for 5.12 DLLs

1496-3 (2011-06-16)

  • add option for changing spell checker color

1496-2 (2011-06-05)

  • add support for custom license text

1496 (2011-05-30)

  • display build type in CTPC VERSION reply
  • add support for Perl 5.14

1494 (2011-04-16)

  • update Visual Studio to 2010 SP1
  • update OpenSSL to 1.0.0d
  • ship MySpell dictionaries in a separate installer

1489 (2011-01-26)

  • fix unloading the Winamp plugin
  • enable the Favorite Networks feature
  • add Channel Message event support to X-Tray
  • add mpcInfo plugin

1486 (2011-01-16)

  • fix a possible memory leak in the update checker
  • fix XChat-Text shortcut creation
  • fix XChat version check via the plugin interface
  • add option for limiting the size of files to be checksummed
  • add X-Tray as an install option
  • disable Plugin-Tray context menu completely

1479-2 (2011-01-10)

  • improve command-line argument support
  • add auto-copy options
  • enable XChat-Text
  • disable faulty tray menu items

1479 (2010-12-29)

  • update GTK+ to 2.22.1
  • update OpenSSL to 1.0.0c
  • update Python to 2.7.1
  • replace X-Tray with Plugin-Tray

1469-3 (2010-10-20)

  • add Checksum plugin
  • menu integration for Update Checker and Winamp

1469-2 (2010-10-09)

  • fix DCC file sending
  • native open/save dialogs
  • make the version info nicer
  • register XChat-WDK as IRC protocol handler
  • add option to run XChat-WDK after installation
  • disable erroneous uninstall warnings
  • disable Plugin-Tray, provide X-Tray only
  • cease support for Perl 5.8
  • replace EasyWinampControl with Winamp

1469 (2010-10-08)

  • use Visual C++ 2010 for all WDK builds
  • build Enchant with WDK and update it to 1.6.0
  • fix SSL validation
  • fix opening the config folder from GUI in portable mode
  • further improve dialog placement for closing network tabs

1468-2 (2010-10-02)

  • update GTK+ to 2.22
  • spelling support
  • more config compatibility with official build
  • improve dialog placement for closing network tabs
  • remove themes from the installer
  • disable toggle for favorite networks until it’s usable
  • disable transparent backgrounds
  • hide mnemonic underlines until Alt key pressed
  • fix XP lagometer and throttlemeter rendering

1468 (2010-09-19)

  • update Perl to 5.12.2
  • update Tcl to 8.5.9
  • fix scrollback shrinking
  • enable advanced settings pane
  • retain emoticon settings
  • add /IGNALL command

1464-6 (2010-09-06)

  • fix Perl interface breakage
  • update checker plugin

1464-5 (2010-08-30)

  • primitive update checker

1464-4 (2010-08-30)

  • selectable tray icon
  • selectable theme for portable
  • selectable plugins

1464-3 (2010-08-29)

  • black theme for portable

1464-2 (2010-08-29)

  • make Perl version selectable during install

1464 (2010-08-26)

  • Perl interface updates

1462 (2010-08-25)

  • update XChat to r1462
  • build system cleanup

1459-3 (2010-08-23)

  • more installer changes (uninstall any previous version!)

1459-2 (2010-08-23)

  • universal installer
  • update build dependencies

1459 (2010-08-19)

  • portable mode and installer fixes

1457 (2010-08-17)

  • disable GUI warnings

1455-2 (2010-08-17)

  • unified installer for standard and portable

1455 (2010-08-15)

  • support for gtkwin_ptr in the Perl interface

1454 (2010-08-14)

  • gtkwin_ptr for plugins introduced

1452 (2010-08-14)

  • fix taskbar alerts on x86
  • upgrade Perl to 5.12 and make 5.8/5.10 builds available separately

1451-6 (2010-08-12)

  • include Lua-WDK with the installer

1451-5 (2010-08-12)

  • switch to Inno Setup (uninstall any previous version!)
  • add Lua support

1451-4 (2010-08-11)

  • enable the XDCC plugin

1451-3 (2010-08-11)

  • enable Python support

1451-2 (2010-08-11)

  • enable SSL support
  • fix simultaneous connections
  • re-enable identd by default

1451 (2010-08-10)

  • update XChat to r1451
  • disable identd by default
  • remove DNS plugin

1444 (2010-07-30)

  • update XChat to r1444
  • downgrade Tcl to 8.5
  • add Tcl support to the x64 build

1441 (2010-06-15)

  • update XChat to r1441
  • enable transfer of files bigger than 4 GB

1439 (2010-05-30)

  • update XChat to r1439 (2.8.8)

1431-6 (2010-05-30)

  • re-enable the transparent background option
  • add branding to Plugin-Tray
  • installer updates

1431-5 (2010-05-29)

  • fix installer
  • add DNS plugin status messages

1431-4 (2010-05-28)

  • disable the transparent background option
  • downgrade GTK+ to more stable 2.16

1431-3 (2010-05-23)

  • add portable build support

1431-2 (2010-05-22)

  • replace X-Tray with Plugin-Tray

1431 (2010-05-21)

  • update XChat to r1431
  • include a lot of XChat translations added since 2.8.6

1412-3 (2010-05-02)

  • fix GTK function call

1412-2 (2010-05-02)

  • re-enable taskbar alerts on x64

1412 (2010-05-02)

  • update XChat to r1412
  • update GTK+ and friends
  • update Visual Studio to 2010
  • fix Perl warning message
  • include GTK L10n with the installer

1409-9 (2010-04-18)

  • fix loading of scrollback

1409-8 (2010-04-03)

  • fix X-Tray on x64

1409-7 (2010-04-02)

  • disable taskbar notification options

1409-6 (2010-03-31)

  • display version numbers everywhere

1409-5 (2010-03-31)

  • add DNS plugin
  • add EasyWinampControl plugin
  • disable Plugin-Tray settings

1409-4 (2010-03-30)

  • add X-Tray

1409-3 (2010-03-29)

  • plugin linkage fixes

1409-2 (2010-03-29)

  • enable IPv6 support
  • enable NLS support
  • enable Perl support
  • enable Tcl support

1409 (2010-03-29)

  • initial release